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Candy Coated Razorblades...

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This community for those who are intrested in or love the elegant gothic lolita, baby doll, and kinderwhore style. This community is aimed more at beginner lolitas meaning girls who have just gotten into this style of fashion and thinking but have no idea on what to do but anyone is allowed to join!So if you love dolls, black eyeliner, spikes, candy, razorblades, pink, black and more join!


1.Please no 'cute' typing LiKe ThIs it annoys many...
2.No photography sould include porn and such if you couldn't show it at work or to your parents don't post it here.
3.Do not flame any of the members or insult any of them.
4.You must be female and must like EGL or fashions along that line.
5.Don't talk bad about ANY other memebers if you don't like them don't talk to them
6.When joining name your subject Lost. Little. Girl.
7.Anwser the following when you join:
Why you like the lolita style:
How did you find out about the style:
Favorite Band(s): {Optional}
Favorite Song(s): {Optional}
Extra: {Optional}



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