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Bawdily Morbid Hand-Blended Perfumes for Brazen Hussies & their Disreputable Beaus:

Greetings, dearies. We hope it's acceptable to post this here and hope also we may be allowed to inroduce ourselves if you are not yet familiar with us.

We believe that perfumes should be as individual as you are; as intriguing and bewitching as the historical ages they were inspired by. Designed for Ladies & Gentlemen of discernment & distinction, we strive never to be nondescript - always beyond the pale, for your pleasure and delectation.

The names are based on Victorian (and earlier) slang terms for, erm, rather disreputable persons. ;-) Slang has long been a passion of ours, and we delight in marrying our fragrances with suitable (or perhaps unsuitable) names!

We sell mainly through our dedicated selling journal (click the username to read through previous posts with heaps of information, if you wish), but also on ebay (check the feedback for username suzystone to read the many hundreds of 100% positive feedback from thrilled customers worldwide). In addition, we have a website with background information on some of our older perfumes, and the historical contexts for the essential oils, slang terms and so on.

Now, on to the juciest nugget of information contained in this post:

We are now pleased to be taking advance orders for FULL SIZED 10ml bottles of ALL our latest release perfumes from Beyond the Pale!

A darkly fruity blend of blackberry, spice & all things VICE...
Juicy blackberries burst with warm hints of ginger, a sprinkle of cinnamon and musky vanilla. The freshness of bergamot whispers of more innocent times, but the richly aromatic, intensely carnal note of vetiver has its wicked way at last...

Utterly feminine, powdery parma violets melt intriguingly into fresh rosewood and pure vanilla, infused with a hint of cinnamon, nutmeg and exotic sandalwood in the pure jojoba oil base. Reminiscent of decadent boudoirs, silk stockings draped nonchalantly over the dressing table- the subtle naughtiness of a bygone era; Mollisher's Mark is a long-lasting, uniquely spiced yet subtly floral fragrance, for ladies with pouty lips and a knowing wink...

An enticing blend of spiced honey; pure creamy vanilla; soft, musky cedar, sultry ginger and the calming, powdery note of benzoin. Serenely alluring, dangerously addictive, smells good enough to eat!

A richly musky & dusky with overtones of incense and hints of a once virtuous past...
Alluring amber, sumptuous frankincense & subtle, foxy droplets of sensuous patchouli marry with sandalwood, cypress and dusty benzoin for frivolous romantics & wanton, wayward women...

Frisky ginger warms the cockles, with vibrant Virginian cedarwood nestling against clove bud; the freshness of pure spearmint & the irresistible pull of musky vanilla. Both sexes should wear this with caution: ebullient ravishing is likely to occur...

These advance orders are prior to our making them available on eBay, and to gauge interest so we may stock up enough not to run out in the first few hours, which happens all the time, and leaves great swathes of you gnashing teeth & pulling out hair.

All 10ml bottles are the usual price of £9.99 with £1.50 P&P for UK customers, £3 International. You may order as many as you wish, with a postal discount for ordering more than one if you pay for them in one transaction. Paypal only at the moment, please. HURRY!

PS: We cannot give you an exact date when these will be sent out as we need to wait for the boxes to arrive. I'll be ordering these tomorrow based on how many orders have come through already & how many more are likely to come through in the next few days; but they should start being sent out in the next coupls of weeks. As usual we shall announce this well ahead of time so you'll know whehn to expect them. :)

All priced at £9.99 per 10ml bottle.

Each box fits two bottles of the 10ml perfumes, so therefore customers will have perfumes placed in twos, depending on how many they order. eg. If you order four bottles, they will come in two separate boxes. If you order five bottles, they will come in three boxes, and so on. If you are ordering some bottles as gifts, and therefore would like each bottle to come in a separate box, please state this CLEARLY - saying how many of the perfumes need separate boxes - on the "note to seller" form on paypal's send money page. There will be no extra cost. :)

Postage & Packing:

UK: £1.50 for the first bottle, 50p for each subsequent bottle ordered at the same time.

INTERNATIONAL: £3 for the first bottle, £1 for each subsequent bottle ordered at the same time.

How to Order:

Please state clearly in the paypal 'send money' form how many bottles you are buying: eg. "3 x Doxy, 1 x Flummery" in the note to seller box. :-) Remember to add on the extra postage costs for each extra bottle ordered. :-)

PayPal only for the moment, dearies:

Thank you so much for reading about Beyond the Pale!
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